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  1. I recently purchased a 2008 250CR with a 5.7 Volvo. I like to keep some spare parts around, impeller being one of them. The boat info states that the impeller is a part #3842786, which from everything I can find has been replaced by part #21213664, my local marina states it's part #21951348. Can anyone tell me which is the correct replacement #21213664 or #21951348? I don't want to be months in and find I have the wrong part and can't return it. Thanks for any help.
  2. I recently purchased a 2008 250CR and have a question about the shore power. What is the best hook up? Should I run 2 30 amp plugs for shore power 1 & 2 or 1 50 amp plug with a Y connector to my boat house?
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