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  1. Ok I cope with desmantling the dash board. You have to unscrew the fuses boar below the whole dash. and then from the bottom it is possible to unscrew the nuts od the speedo module. But now I have a question. I have factory module like on photo 1. Does the part on photo 2 with the same outside dimentions? How can I order this part hole for gps in the middle?
  2. On HULL/DECK EXTERIOR options list for 264 there is something called "Ski Tow Pylon, Removable", for $923. Can anyone confirm how it looks like? Can it be added to a boat that come out form factory without this option?
  3. Hi. I would like to install a chartploter. My aim is to create a new dashboard part where speedo and rpm meter are placed. How can I dismantle the dash board so I can get the seedo and rpm meter out? Another question is about a good place for fishfinder transducer, so as neer to dashboard as possible, and so I won't have to crack the whole boat. I have P79 raymarine through hull model.
  4. Hi! Did you get any ideas and added something to your boat? I have the same problem on 264FSC. I have no arch, and rather do not want to transform the boat into "water sports machine" with tower etc, but for time to time ski or wake use the higher point for towing would be really nice...
  5. Inside the cabin on the left wall (the wall in the behind of glovebox) there is some switch. Grey color. What's the function? Can notice any visible effect after switching If no idea I will post image later.
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