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  1. Can anyone recommend where I can get a boat surveyed in Coeur d'Alene, ID/Spokane, WA? Thanks, Steve
  2. Steve, Thanks again for sharing your experience with your boat purchase. I am definitely planning on a survey as you described. I have been negotiating on the price since I last posted and now have an offer on the table of $50K that I am seriously considering. This boat includes a tri-axle trailer. If I move forward with the boat...I'll post back if I run into problems uncovered by the survey should I need further help from the forum. Thanks again, Steve (newbie)
  3. Hi Steve, Thank you for replying and your offer to help. Since this is my first boat, I need all the advice I can get. Good to here that you love your boat and that you haven't regretted your decision with the 298SC. The hours on the engines on the boat I am looking at are 608 on the port engine and 689 on the stbd. As far as service history, the owner says he has the boat serviced every winter. Where we live at, boating season is only during the summer and on fresh water lakes. The asking price is $55K...The boat is mostly in excellent condition... The exterior paint is showing some oxidation and will need to buffed and waxed... The cockpit cover and the fwd and aft bimini tops attached to the arch are showing considerable wear and will need to replaced sooner than later. All equipment that I tested...AC, generator, both refrigerators, pressure water system, toilet, stereo, were in working order. Didn't test everything, but owner stated all is in working order. A marine survey, should we get to that point will determine if anything is not working. Haven't seen the boat out of the water yet, so I have not inspected the hull. The tri-axle trailer is in very good condition, some of the tires may need replacing. The test drive was great...engines hummed and the boat was fast and responsive. Again, since I am a newbie, the boat preformed well with my limited experience. I am an RV owner, 40: diesel pusher and a lot of the equipment is similar except for the engine/outdrives and some things particular to a boat. So, if could ask, does $55K seem like a fair price. When I ran it on NADA, I am getting closer to $50K...but I get it that NADA is just one indicator of value...have used it for years for RV's and automobiles. Also, is there another pricing service other than NADA for valuing boats that you could recommend? Thanks in advance for any help this forum can provide. Steve P.S. I was able to obtain a spec sheet on what came standard and what was optional equipment on this boat. Thanks!!!
  4. Hello All, I am a new member to the Monterey Forum. I am considering the purchase of a 2004 Monterey 298SC. The boat is loaded and I like the boat very much. I am trying to find a brochure or data sheet on this particular model so I can determine the value of the boat using NADA guides. Can't find either anywhere on-line doing a Google search. In particular, I need to know what came standard on the 298SC and what equipment is an added option. As I mentioned, this boat is loaded...AC/Heat, Generator, Windlass anchor, Remote spotlight, 350 Mag MPI engines, vacu-flush head, cockpit enclosures w/eisenglass, snap-in carpet, Fireboy halon system just to name a few. Trying to accurately value the boat using NADA guides and don't want to "over" value the boat by listing the equipment that came standard on the 2004 298SC. Any help to find these documents would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, any advice on the year and make of this boat would also be appreciated. Would owners of this year an model highly recommend this boat or is it something I should avoid? Thanks in advance, Steve Becker
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