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  1. Rip5, Here's a photo of the cushions rotated 90 degrees. Still quite a bit more material than required. Measuring shows about 1.0" to about 1.25" of additional plywood. This was not as simple as just laying the two backrests over the well span on the ledges. Starting with the port side, I placed the backrest ends flush against the port side cushion end. As there is additional plywood, I then carefully matched up the starboard side plywood ends and the leather seat cushion while elevated in a "teepee" about 5" above the base. The pressing evenly and firmly, push all three components flat. The plywood bottom pieces do not abut each other, rather one lies on top of the other. I am a little concerned about the tightness of the fit and the backrest plywood "pulling/stretching" the leather of the seat cushion when forced into place. The tension on the backrest is great enough that they have "sprung" back up from level after a couple of hours. All that said, I guess I will not trim the plywood and give this a go and see how it all works out for the first part of the season. Thanks for all your comments. George
  2. As I noted Rip5 I am new to this. There are several items that the PO "misplaced" at the time of purchase that needed replacement. Since there is no mention of any of the configuration in the owners manual, I thought perhaps there might have been a brace or support of some kind, much like the metal brace for the middle berth. Turning the cushions 180 degrees leaves well over three inches in length that exceeds the well span. The backrest cushions fit perfectly in the backrest position so it it highly unlikely that the PO would have spent over $100K in 2003 and ordered oversized cushions to effectively make the aft cabin non functioning. He did have a family of 5 with young children at the time. In speaking with him, he was never able to set it up properly either and just gave up. Even if the backrest cushions fit in the position as you noted, there is not enough of a ledge to support the ends and they would fall into the well. All that said, the conclusion appears to be that the seating cushions are probably not cut to specification and need to be trimmed accordingly should I choose to use the aft cabin. Thank you for your input. G
  3. Thank you both for your responses. Here are few pictures and dimensions to illustrate the dilemma. The first photo shows the starboard side of the aft cabin bed well. The seating cushion is pushed all the way against the outside wall. The “ledge” varies in width from 1.0” to 1.25” as the cushion plywood bottom varies in width. The second photo is of the port side well ledge. Again, the seating cushion is flush against the outside wall. The ledge varies in width from 1.0” to .75” as the plywood bottom varies as well. Measuring the span over the well from the edge of each cushion plywood bottom totals 34”. The total width of each back cushion is 17” for a total width of 35”. Photo 3 shows where I am “jamming” the pieces together. The abutting plywood bottoms of each seat cushion and backrest just won’t give any more. Photo 4 shows the starboard cushion flat in the well with the overlap of the port cushion. My initial assessment was that there must have been some other configuration that would yield all cushions flat, with the well properly covered, hence the post. If that is not the case, my assessment is as follows: Starboard side well ledge of 1.0” to 1.25” seems small but possibly adequate. Port side well ledge is too narrow at .75” (actually closer to .5” as the every end) to 1.0”. This would mean the plywood bottom on the port seat cushion is oversized. The well gap is smaller (34’) than the backrest bottoms totaling 35”. So a total of 1” would need to come off the combined seat cushion plywood bottoms to provide ample ledge space for the backrests to sit flush. Assuming that is an accurate conclusion, I do have one additional question. As you notice in photo 4, I am holding the bow, forward facing end of the seat cushion up with my foot. Assuming both backrest cushions lie flat, is there a support for where both backrest sections meet in the middle of the well? Also (and, or), is there a support in the entry way (where my foot is) for forward sections of the cushions preventing them from collapsing down into the well? Again, thank you for your comments and feedback.
  4. Good morning and a newbie here. This might be a duplicate; I apologize if so. I picked up a 2003 282 last fall and absolutely love it. For the life of me though, I can not figure out the aft cabin cushion configuration (3 leather bench and 2 back rest) for sleeping. A fellow boater suggested that the back rests were not sized and cut correctly from the factory. I'm not so certain of that. Has anyone else encounter this issue and figured out the jigsaw puzzle. Thanks in advance. George
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