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  1. Hi, I just purchased my first boat and it's a 2000 262 CR with the 7.4 Volvo engine in it but we purchased it online from and individual and got no manuals on anything. Can you tell me where you ordered yours from? I'm hitting a wall trying to get any manuals everywhere I try! Any help you can off would be greatly appreciated. Dale
  2. Hi, we just bought our first boat a used 2000 262 crusier with a 7.4 liter engine but it didn't come with any manuels. Can anyone tell us where to get operational manuels for it? We downloaded the general owners manuel online but it doesn't give enough info on operations of boat other then starting the engine, rules and regulations and safty. Also would like to know how to contact someone at Monterey to ask them a couple of technical questions. This boat has a circuit breaker panel with a breaker for a generator and the engine compartment has a place for a generator but there's no generator and we'd like to add one but don't know what kind, size etc. to purchase. We have an onboard air/heating unit but need to know the amps it pulls and what size inverter we need to install if we can't find a generator. We live in southeast Missouri and not many people own these size boats so we have no one we can ask these questions of in this area. Thanks for any help we can get! Dale and Arda
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