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  1. Check the tension on the chain/rope...I accidentally pulled the anchor in too tight once and the motor doesn't have enough juice to move it in either direction. I ended up loosening the large nut on the side of the gypsy until it moved on its own. Anchor will start to release (lower) on its own. Second would be the large nut on the side of the gypsy is like a tensioner on the clutch...loosen or tighten it and see if you're able to get anywhere..
  2. Hi All... I need some assistance on locating my Vacuflush pump on my 2003 322 Cruiser... I can hear it running somewhere between the Helm and the Head but can not find any access to it...I've crawled under where the tank is located thinking it would be attached to the holding tank but no luck. I can see the hose travel up the inside of the hull but no pump. I also have not been able to find any breakers or switches to shut the pump off. I've had two separate occasions where the pump was running non stop because of a bad seal on the bowl valve...Surely there has to be a way to shut off the pump in case of an emergency or part failure????? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Rob
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