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  1. Rip5,thanks for your response to my topic.When comparing the weight of your 204F to my LS200 it appears that my montura is 300 lbs heavier.Should I drop down in pitch to compensate for the difference in weight? Emmett
  2. I have recently purchased a 2004 Montura 200LS with a 5.0 liter 260 hp merc cruiser [very low hrs].The prop is the factory 19 aluminum with a little exhaust relief.The previous owner says he could pull over 5000 rpm while doing 54-55 mph with no passengers,and with 4 med adults his GPS indicated 49.My question is what stainless type prop and pitch should I buy since the majority of the time there will be just my wife and I and we no longer ski or tube.I have been out of boating for a few years,and the types of props have changed so much that I need advice on what to look for.My experience has mostly been in fast outboards running choppers and cleavers both over the blade and thru hub.I'm guessing a 22-24 should still keep me in the power range,but I could be way off.Any and all comments would be much appreciated. Thanks, Emmett
  3. Says I can't post why?

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