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  1. Hi - I have a 2000 Monterey 242 Cruiser. For the last 2 summers, we've seen a small accumulation of water at the lowest point of the cabin. This water accumulates just outside of box where the cabin bilge is located. I've tested the bilge and it appears to be working. The box also just contains a small amount of water, not enough to trigger the float switch. Eventhough there is not much water in the box, it appears that some of the water is making its way out of the box and onto the carpet in the cabin. Thru my research it seems to be one of the below items (no particular order) 1. a hole in the bilge box thats allowing the water to seep out and onto the carpet. 2. Something with the head, I tried flushing the toilet and didn't notice any water accumulate. we also never use the sink or shower. 3. In the back of the bilge box there appears to be a tiny inlet where water can make it's way in. I suspect as backup bilge from the engine compartment. I can tell a small amount of water is coming in from this inlet, but would think the water should remain in the bilge box to trigger the float and then pump out. Not enough water is coming in to trigger the float switch but it is working. 4. There is a valve to fill the toilet, the seal into the box does appear to be fine and not leaking. I'm afraid something underneath that valve is leaking causing water to enter the cabin area. Has anyone dealt with this issue in the past. Any thoughts of what it might be?
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