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  1. Going to Catalina is a ball.. We've been over several times and like staying on the backside in Catalina Harbor the best. It is very quite there and you can really chill out without all the noise that you get in Avalon. We generally leave early in the morning from Davies launch ramp in Belmont Shores, and head over to Avalon and spend a few days there. Then we fish / sight see our way around the south end of the island and head toward Catalina Harbor. Once there we spend a few more days just bumming around swimming and reading.. After that we head around the north end of the island and head to the other side of the isthmus and spend the last day or two in Two Harbors. From there it's a good run back to Alamitos Bay. You have the swell coming at you from you rear port quarter and it makes it much nicer when the swell is big because you are crossing at a 45° angel. We used to drag a 9'6" inflatable behind us but have now got a davit system that lets us hook the boat to the swim step and flip it up and go. We also have a 9.9 Mercury that mounts to a mounting system on the rear of the boat as well. Must safer, and faster then towing. We normally come home from Two Harbors early in the morning too. This makes for a much smoother crossing. If you plan on heading back late then be ready for a bumpy ride. I also like having the better part of the day of sunlight in case something should go wrong too. Lots of big ships and boats in the San Pedro channel and being out there in the dark dead in the water at night is not how I want to spend my time waiting for someone to come to help.
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