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  1. Hi everybody, I bought a 2006 Monterey 234FS boat last august with a 100 hours on it - was in great shape. Boat came with the 5.0L gxi engine and would top out at 40 MPH. Boat has a Volvo penta sx drive... This winter a bought a brand new 5.7L fuel injection engine from Marine Power - engine came with everything, just drop in and run... HP listed around 320 HP... I run the boat in the Chesapeake bay in Md.. The best speed I can get from this boat is 42 - 45 MPH tops with 1/2 tank gas, smooth water, 15-17 stainless steel prop ( I tried all sizes and types of props) between 4800-5100 mph.. Is this the best I am going to get ??? I don't know if adding boat trim tabs will help ??? Do I need to replace outdrive with a better unit..... Thanks, Glenn
  2. I appreciate all your info.. I will just keep my 5.0 L - its alot cheaper obtion... I am not sure why my boat tops out at 40 mph, everything points that i should get close to 50 mph - the boat runs great though. Glenn
  3. I have a 2006 Monterey 234fs with a 5.0L gxi engine. Can I put in a 5.7l, or 6.2L or a 8.1L engine in boat?? Will everything match up?? Do these engines come with all the computers, sensors, fuel injection and ignition system attached?? (drop in and run??) The 5.0L is supposed to be 260 HP - tops out at 40 mph. I was open one of these other engines will give me 320 hp or more. Is there a good place to get new or good rebuilt engines for marine??? Thanks a ton, Glenn
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