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  1. Ok, i'm not really familiar with equipment on board my boat. :-( In the 2001 Montery 242 Cruiser, when you enter the cabin and turn around, there is a lip to the aft cabin. That lip has a floor which can be lifted to expose some plumbing and what might be a motor. I have no idea what this plumbing is for although there are one or two bilge pumps there. In any case, after I ran the boat for one day, also turned on the water pump and also flushed the manual toilet, I noticed later that there was a good amount of water inside the plexi-glass housing of the plumbing inside this small compartment that is in the lip of the floor of the aft cabin. Can someone tell me what plumbing is inside this compartment and how it could be now filled with water? Unfortunately I don't have picture of this plumbing. I had this boat winterized at the boat dealer (former Monterey in Kent,WA) last year and this is the first time I've taken it out this year. Thanks!
  2. My front top hatch cracked when someone walked over it and I need to replace it pronto ASAP as the rain season is upon us here in Seattle. Where can I find a matching front hatch? Also, my hummingbird depth finder doesn't work and the shop I took it to said that the transponder is probably defective but since it is a through-the-hull model and is sealed it can't be fixed. For safety reasons I want to have the depth finder working all the time so that I know how deep the water always is and avoid accidental grounding. Is there a straightforward way to fix this transponder? I already have a GPS chartplotter but it is not always connected and I want to be able to set water depth alarm even when I'm not using my GPS. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks! -Raining in Seattle
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