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  1. This is the latch I am looking for.
  2. Anybody? I am still looking for this plastic latch.
  3. Hi, During a recent service apparently the latch broke on the dash access panel of my 2001 Monterey 302, so the access door won't close anymore. Where can I get a new latch? For clarification, this is the access panel below the steering wheel. When unlatched, it folds down unto your feet. The latch is a piece of plastic that clips around the part on the panel door and the part on the cockpit. Berrie
  4. Hi, I purchased a 2001 Monterey 302 last year. We absolutely love it! On the dashboard, there is a switch labeled "BILGE", to the left of the engine ignition switches. This particular switch doesn't seem to do anything. What is it for?
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