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  1. How do the screens fit in the small, almond shaped cabin windows in my 2001 262CR? We had it out this last weekend and I'm getting used to the size increase from my old 19' cuddy. The Admiral is starting to nest and as she was cleaning the cabin she took out the screens since they appeared to be loose and ill-fitting. They are in good shape and I think they just need to be reinstalled correctly. It appears as if they might fit under the thick rubber window gasket but several tries to do so didn't work out satisfactorily . Any ideas how to put them back in?
  2. I am thinking of adding an invertor to my 2001 262 CR to power my microwave and stovetop. Can you tell me what the wattage requirements are for the stovetop? Going a little bit further, the burner is an electric/alcohol., The previous owner didn't use the alcohol part saying it was too slow and he preferred to use a small propane burner. I am thinking it I would like to use it for cooking but have never used ne before. What are the pros and cons to the alcohol burner? Dave
  3. Hiya, We've just put money down on a 2001 262CR....awaiting trials...and are darned excited about it! After several years of a 19' cuddy of another brand we got 7'itis. We are from Willapa Harbor (Raymond) in Western WA and plan on doing the San Juans as well as spending a lot of time on the Columbia, Lake Roosevelt, and Lake Chelan in Eastern WA. Just wanted to introduce myself, Dave
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