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  1. Did you get to the download?

    Nice to have but doesn't really tell me much I didn't already know.

  2. Apparently they haven't been posted yet, unless I'm not finding the right section, I can't locate the 256, 276 or the 296 Manuals...?
  3. Over the weekend the anchor locker wiring for the Windlass was located in the wiring harness behind the dashboard / fuse panel. It was doubled back on itself and ty-wrapped within the bundle and has plenty of length to work with once it was freed from the harness.
  4. When I purchased my new Monterey 296 I ended up buying a book put out by "Clymer" for Volvo Penta "Stern Drive Shop Manual". ISBN 0-89287-753-7. This is not Montery specific but is a good general guideline for repairs and identifying components. Not everything I have on the 296 is in there. but it is a very useful "tool" as I've found out over the years I've had this Cruiser.
  5. 1) I have a 1999 Monterey 296 and I would like to equip it with a Sprint 700 Windlass. Locating the wiring in the Anchor Locker isn't a problem, but can someone tell me where the other end of these cables reside...? Hopefully at the Helm for the Switch & Fuse. 2) I would also like to add an Ocean Breeze 9K BTU A/C Unit under the V-Berth. Wiring isn't the issue here, but where to correctly place the Supply ducting and the Thermostat as well as the "drains". Factory placement...?... to make it look "Original".
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