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  1. I would not mix R22 and R410A - they work at different pressures and you will probably not be able to charge/operate correctly. Oils may also be non-compatible. If you are planning on replacing the AC unit soon go for it - what do you have to lose! I recently charged mine the right way (measuring suction line temp, wet bulb, etc). I had a jug of R22 since my house uses it also. You could simply just use a jug of R22 and a manifold just to slowly add R22 watching your air outlet temp - setting the outlet temp to no more that 20 degrees below room temp but this is the quick and dirty way, not the right way. A little too much refrigerant and you will most likely be in the 12 to 15 degree range but that would work also. The trick is to add slowly and wait to stabilize.
  2. Just curious if either of you had this done, and how it was accomplished. Thanks
  3. Hi Rip5 - thanks for the reply - it would be perfect for a pedestal mount!
  4. Hi - I have a 2004 282CR. Curious as to how one goes about accessing the aft section of engines/steering gear. I am of small frame, and can squeeze back pretty well, but I noticed the 6 bolts holding something? down over top the engine access and it got me thinking that some piece of the aft section of the upper deck removes for access?? Not really sure about this, but would like to know if anyone has some insight into this. Thanks
  5. Hi folks - just a simple question on a 282CR - it has a small hatch/cubby/recess on starboard side of the swim platform area that is about big enough for a short coiled line. Is this what it is for?? Also - is there a particular reason this hatch/cubby/recess drains into the bilge instead of simply overboard?
  6. Hi - I've been looking for originals also without any luck. There are plenty of other styles that do not match of course - my plan was to simply replace them all Would be easier just to buy one original, but I never heard back from Monterey - I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if you get a favorable response!
  7. Thermostat sets minimum operating temp - I would change thermostat and NOT use automotive grade.
  8. Thanks Rip5. On quick inspection it seemed like the aft section of the bilge was sealed. I most likely looked at it too quickly and assumed it was sealed.
  9. Hi folks - curious about bilge pump locations in a 2004 282. I am aware of the shower sump bilge pump and the engine bilge pumps (1 auto and 1 manual). However, it seems like there should be another bilge pump towards the center or bow of the vessel. The engine bilge area is separated from the forward bilge, and shower sump bilge pump is also isolated from the bilge itself. Would I be correct in assuming there is another pump located somewhere in the forward bilge area - most likely in the center of the cabin? I looked around but could not find it. Any clues greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for your replies - it is a Teleflex system. The wheel needs to be in a certain position prior to loading in the control cable. Looks like someone positioned the wheel wrong so now it is way off center - I am going to try to reload it in the correct position.
  11. Hi folks - brand new owner of a 2004 282CR here. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the manufacturer of the steering system, because I am attempting to center the steering wheel and possible take out a little play. Any thoughts on how to do this also greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
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