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  1. Turn the Neptune boatlift (yours) 90 degrees and park it like your neighbors. Easier in/out.
  2. Probably the sensor float is stuck. I had to remove ours and clean it well so the floats worked again. Warning -- it is literally a crappy job. Wear gloves.
  3. While boat Mfgs rarely overpower a boat (For legal reasons) they do sometimes get close to the underpowered for monetary reasons. However the power they use is always sufficient to meet industry build out requirements. The 350 Mags are good engines. I suspect they are adequate. My 282 is outfitted with 5.0L twins. I'm sure it would get on plane much faster if I put bigger engines in, but it suffices for our needs. How over/under powered a boat is really depends on each person's expectations, so take it or a similar boa,t out for a sea trial. And bear in mind that once we get into the over 30 foot class of boat none of them perform like a small ski boat. And --- it isn't all about the engines. Props come into play with boats. You either get great hole shots, really fast top end, or something in the middle. They are good boats.
  4. More than likely that the air ven't line or the fitting is clogged. Wasps/spiders like to get in there and if the air ven't line is clogged then the tank can't fill properly. You will have to check the thru hull fitting to see if it is open, and if so then remove the air ven't line at the tank. Try blowing thru it and get it cleared.
  5. I agree with the premise and have done so myself while on other boating forums. I suspect part of the problem is a lack of notice that someone has replied to a post, coupled to an apparent lack of responses to a posters question. If nobody responds until a couple weeks or more, the poster probably has moved on to another forum which may be more popularly used. I know I became frustrated when my initial questions didn't even appear on here for several days. Not sure if it was a COVID related problem due to owner approval process or what. I have noticed a lot of Monterey boat owners expressing frustration on other media forums about the lack of timely posting and responses here. As we just bought our Monterey after the Covid issue started I'm chalking it up to that, but time will tell. I started a post yesterday so we will see how long it takes to get feedback, and if I do weather I get an alert (txt or email) to indicate the response is there so I can provide feedback. Hoping this is as productive a forum as others I utilize.
  6. Looking for 282 owners that have had an engine removed. Need some answers regarding the engine removal process specifically on the 2004 282 CR model boat. 1. Did the generator have to be removed for clearance? 2. How was a hoist & chain attached? To the standard eyes? 3. Besides removing the exhaust risers, cowling and flame arrestor, did the manifolds also have to come off? 4. Any other issues/advice/recommendations? TIA.
  7. Could be a fuse, or another circuit breaker. What model/year boat are you referring to, and where is the 12V plug you are referring to?
  8. It sounds as though a previous owner had some work done either at the L2 receptacle, main breaker, or at the breaker to panel connection. The hot and neutral could have been reversed at one of those points while replacing a bad component. Have an electrician check those areas.
  9. Have an issue that requires the port engine be removed. Has any 282 owner had to pull an engine? And if so, how was that accomplished? The folks at the marina are saying they have to remove the entire top deck or cut out a portion of the rear deck which covers the engine access. Thoughts/Knowledge of the process? TIA
  10. Local marina needs to know how to get to the rear of the engine to remove it. Telling me it can't be done without taking the deck off! There has to be a better way! Anyone do this or have it done, and what is the process? TIA. Dave.
  11. I can't speak to your 322 as I have a 282 with the Volvo Penta. Can you send pics of the current setup? Our Bayliner had a 5.7L Mercruiser and it had the extensions. But the was to ensure the riser to Y-Pipe fit was correct. There are other reasons for getting water up past the flappers, but let's see some pics first.
  12. Do you have a DC circuit breaker panel similar to the one pictured in your engine room/bilge area? If so, chk the breakers on the left (port) side for the items mentioned. Also note in the picture that the "main" is in a tripped condition. This happens if you push that red button in. To reset, push that little bar angling down from the top left up into the recess. Hope this helps.
  13. Here's a couple pics of what yours looks like below.
  14. We just purchased a 282 which has a very similar looking stern and a hatch in that same location. Couldn't open it prior to purchase because a previous owner had attached the fender holder in the area over it. When the detailers removed the fender holder, I was surprised to find the the storage below there is only about 1" deep! Makes no sense. I suppose one could coil a couple of dock lines in it, but other than that it seemed useless. I reattached the fender holder over it and it is now inaccessible once again.
  15. Considering purchase of a 2004 282 Express. Appears to be twin VP 270hp engines. Not sure of the model as it isn't listed. Wondering how accessible the spark plugs are on the outboard sides of each of the engines? Also wondering if there are any other maintenance headaches on Volvo Pentas. I've worked on several Mercruiser models over the years, but not VP's. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and feedback.
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