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  1. Wow 22" isn't a lot of room to maneuver in. If you have two engines you might be able to port reverse and forward with the starboard engine. I have only a single engine and I'm not sure I could dock with that less space. Go to YouTube and there are several videos on docking and using lines to assist you. You're going to have to go REALLY slow!
  2. GetAway

    John M

    Put a gauge on the wires at the horn and have someone blow the horn and if you have power at the horns try spraying some WD-40 into the horn(s). My horns are in the chain locker and they were shot so I replaced them with a set of auto horns and that fixed my problem. Auto horns were 2x to 3x less in cost than a horn from a boat supply store and it's 100% louder.
  3. I have a 2000 242CR and I have one seacock. It is under the small step that leads to the mid cabin berth. It is like a ball valve and it is right next to the shower sump box. The valve is for the inlet water to the toilet. When you pump the toilet flush water this is where the water comes from.
  4. Engine oil pressure and cooling temp. I have an old 2000 system so yours may cover more. I would not think power steering has any alarms. If you check the fluid level all should be okay. If your belt is loose you'll hear it squeal.
  5. Ha ha ha ha that's funny!!! Boat repair shops soak you worst than crossing an ocean bar with 2 ft wind waves and 6 ft swells!!
  6. When was the last time the impeller was changed? I had an impeller that was 2 years old and my temp gauge dropped to 120 no alarms. I have the 2000 Volvo 5.7 G??. I changed my impeller with a new Volvo unit and my temps returned to 158 - 160 and stays there at idle and 3000 - 3500 rpms. I've read the unit should be changed every 2 years.
  7. Lift the cover to the box in front of your mid berth. There should be a box that your shower drains into along with a bilge pump and switch. There should be one (1) seacock there that is for sucking in water to flush your toilet. I have a 2000 242 Cruiser and that's the only seacock that my boat has.
  8. Attwood makes both thermoplastic and stainless steel thru hull fittings. Go to their site and they list the sizes and material used. Do a search at West Marine or any of the other marine supply stores and you'll find the type that you need. Do a search for prices because they are different for the same part. Perco also lists several plastic/metal fittings too. Good luck and leave an update to what you decided to do.
  9. Was your video created in Sweden? The area looks beautful!
  10. Trying a little spray of WD40. I replaced my horn with a set of duel auto horns. Much louder than the horn that came with the boat and much much less expensive.
  11. I would think it is located on top of your fuel tank. That is where my sender is located on my 2000 242 Cruiser.
  12. Let me know how it works out for you please thank you.
  13. What drone did you use to create the video? I don't own a drone YET and I'm really interested in them. I would like to see what my boat looks like on plane and I can see how I'm trimming the boat.
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