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  1. I would think it is located on top of your fuel tank. That is where my sender is located on my 2000 242 Cruiser.
  2. Let me know how it works out for you please thank you.
  3. What drone did you use to create the video? I don't own a drone YET and I'm really interested in them. I would like to see what my boat looks like on plane and I can see how I'm trimming the boat.
  4. Both of those videos are GREAT! What drone did you use to create the video?
  5. https://fariabeede.com/2-pages/products_marine.php Faria Instruments in Connecticut is the company that made the gauges for my 2000 242 CR. They will not sell direct to you but will drop ship to West Marine. I had one of my gauges replaced that way. I need another one, the volt meter. I went to their web site that I included at the top of this message to find the name of the trim that my gauge is to match the other gauges.
  6. Tap on the solenoids and see if they work. If they don't remove them and clean the prongs and where they plug into. I had the same problem and this is what I did to solve it. I also used some dielectric grease when I plugged them back in to keep the moisture and salt water out. Sorry you are not getting any help or much help here. Taylor made most of the parts like the windshield and they might help you out on where to get the canvas, I can't remember the name of the web site. Great Lakes Skipper is a site to check out, also RNR MARINE might be able to help with your canvas problem. I can't help you with the switches, my 2000 242 CR is different than your boat. Good luck!
  7. Put a waterproof bag into each and fill the bags with ice and beer! Mini Coolers!!
  8. If it were me I would try repositioning the support beams, that should take out the slack.
  9. I have a 25lb Bruce that works fine.
  10. Congrats! Glad you were able to find the switch and change the build and reset the breaker. You can always purchase a had label maker and install little labels above the switches so you can look down and be able to read what the switches do.
  11. Look for the switch around the helm area.
  12. I have a manual flush so I'm just tossing this out to you. Look for anything labeled Vacuum Pump. It sounds like you have a seal leaking. Try doing search for messages here, I've seen a few on vacuum flush problems.
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