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  1. On a 250cr where only one inlet can be active at a time, using the same cable from the shore pedestal, Shore Power 1 tests fine, but on Shore Power 2 the Reverse Polarity light comes on. Could this mean a problem with the Shore Power 2 inlet? I'm relatively new and there's a lot I don't understand, so any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm sure you figured it out by now, but you have to flip up the part at the front of the seat -- the part that you flip up when standing at the helm or to give more rise when seated. That's the only way the rest of the seat will lie flat.
  3. Need MOST help: I turned on the water pump for the first time this season and had water spraying out of this elbow connector that is connected to the cold water out on the water heater. What kind of quick-connect fitting is this? It has light grey C-clips that snap on/off. How to remove this and what to replace it with? Thanks!
  4. Thanks -- it took a while for my question to get approved by the moderator, so I found one through experimentation and research. For anyone else who may someday need this info, the cap is an Attwood 66061-3. It's listed on their site as a waste cap, but it's the one that fits the gas deck fill on the 250cr. There's also a 2-inch cap at West Marine that fits if you need something quickly, but it doesn't sit flush with the hull when closed.
  5. When the pump attendant pushed the nozzle into the fuel port, the chain holding the gas cap broke and down, down, down went my gas cap into the lake. Does anyone know the part number or where I might order a replacement gas cap for a 2007 250cr? Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi Alan, I have 2007 250cr -- probably not much different than the 2006 you have. I'm considering doing EIC5000 upgrade too. Any tips on the install?
  7. I recently replaced mine with a Kenwood KMR-M312BT because I never listen to CD's anymore. This radio has bluetooth and USB streaming. No key required to remove stock radio, and I was able to plug the harness from the stock radio into the new one. Works great, but not compatible with older Kenwood remote. Link: http://amzn.com/B00QH8BWA6
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