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  1. I was able to remove the seat. Remove the armrest and pull up from the back side. This is what the clips look like underneath. Attaches very similar to the arm rest.
  2. I'm looking for a new windshield gasket for my 2005 Monterey 250cr. Any ideas where to order one? It is for the middle opening section on bottom.
  3. I have a Monterey 250cr. The 12v fules pannel has switches for macerator and tv. I don't have either of them, but there are wires attached to these switches. Where do the wires go? Does the wires for the macerator go to the builge? I'm thinking of adding some stuff and would like to know if some of the wires are already there.
  4. I want to add some lights over the galley of my Monterey 250cr. The celing is a padded vinyl material. Does any know what's under that? Is there wood or just fiberglass. If I screw in, what's up there and how thick?
  5. Fallow up. I replaced it with twin horns I got at the auto parts store. When I plug both horns in (it is wired from the factory for two) they don't work. When I unplug one of them (doesn't matter which one) the one horn works. Any ideas? But two horn will not sound.
  6. I have a 2005 Monterey 250cr. When the Helm Seat is reclined into a sunning station, the bolster does not go flat. There is room for the seat to move aft more and make room for the bolster to lie flat, but the tack will not allow any more travel. Is there an adjustmant for this? Is this the way the seat is suspose to function?
  7. I have a 2005 Monterey 250cr. The lounger seat on the port side of the cockpit has some damage to it. How is this seat removed?
  8. Look in your bildge. Fallow the red and blue pec plumbing pipes. The bathroom pipes run up the starboard side. They could of gotten kinked. Open the door in the cuddy and look.
  9. My Monterey 250cr windlass update. Thanks for all the info. Here is my set up.... Hardwear store plastic drain cover. Keeps rope out of locker puddle that doesn't drain. Moved cleat over, patched holes, made a wedge to adjust rope angle, matched gel coat, and wired it up. Made a wedge out of plexiglass. (note gelgoat doesn't stick well to plexi. I had to epoxy then gelcoat)
  10. Question. What would be louder? Two hidden horns pinged at the grill opening, or one horn that fits in the grill opening and blasts upward? A horn that fits in the opening and blast outward is about 105dB. If I install two horns (210 dB) inside the anchor locker that are aimed at horn mesh opening how many dV is lost from the in closure? I don't want big air horns on my deck, but I want to be loud.
  11. I'm considering installing a search light to the bow of my Monterey 250cr. The Montereys that I've seen with factory installed lights have a mounting plate that is contoured to the slope of the bow. I can't seem to find them listed for sale. The search lights don't come with them. Please advise.
  12. I'm installing a windlass on a 250cr. Same as a 245. My windlass installed without any shims, the rope comes into the windlass at about 6 deg. From what I've read. The rope should come in less then 5 degrees. So if I raised the front of my windlass up 1/2" then my rope angle is about right on.
  13. Any boat horn? Or will the tone be off? What horn should I put in? I want to be heard.
  14. Dodge06,What was the thickness of the wedge at the thickest part? What did you do yo cut the angle? Thanks
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