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  1. Admin help, I have a 2006 Monterey 250 CR (RGFCB668K506) need gelcoat colors (#'s) and vinyl seat colors (#'s). Thank you.
  2. Trying to remove lounge back on 250 CR. I have the arm rest and lounge bottom off however, no success on the back. I see where the clips are and it appears the back lifts upwards to remove though it will not move and I do not want to force and break something. Any one ever removed their lounge back? Help appreciated.
  3. Hello 2007 250 CR: There is only one type of adhesive which will do the trick, SUREHOLD Plastic Surgery, you can purchase it at any ACE Hardware store. The hatch is Acrylic and this adhesive is for acrylics. Be sure though to clean off the existing adhesive as best as possible on both surfaces before applying the Plastic Surgery. I have an 2006 250 Cr and found this myself in a previous blog here on the site, my repair was made March of 2010 and holding strong. Good luck and Happy Boating. Alan
  4. Hello Flatheadhoser: These lights are standard and the switch is port side below the sink counter top right side of the refrigerator They are low voltage so if it is not night time you may have a hard time seeing they are on. If you do not have a manual, you can dowload one here in the forum under cruiser manuals. Hope this helps. Happy Boating Alan
  5. Hello amanphoto: One year ago when I made this initial entry, if I had taken your suggested method then, I am assured today, I would not remain a boat Owner. If you care to look up in "Technical Discussion" under 250 CR Windlass, back in September 2011, Dodgeo6 entry regarding his 06 250 CR windlass endeavors, you can read my path chosen to successfully wire and install my 2006 250 CR windlass. I believe any other path and method used may be harmful to ones mental health. With all that said, welcome to this forum and Happy Boating. Alan
  6. Hi Rip5: Is this someone you know who would give credible feed back on such a (as you put it) custom install. It is interesting, especially the exhaust adapter with the 90 degree bend. I would only guess Honda techs would not approve. Wonder how the electrical connects to the Honda. Live long enough and you may get to see it all. Alan
  7. I appreciate all the comments and the boat who pulled anchor and left was a boat similar in size to mine. Being night time when they left, I could not tell as to why they moved nor did I see them the next morning. Though for me the inevitable may just be a larger size boat with built in gen possible 320 as Rip5 mentioned. Good luck to all with your boating season up north, here in northeast Fla. it's boating season year round and as gas prices continue to rise, it brings hesitation thinking of a twin engine consumption to feed. HA, my 06 250CR w/ 350 MPI Bravo III, utilizing the Honda gen will be my ticket for now or at least until I hit a big money Lotto. Happy Boating to all. Alan
  8. Hello Aussie Heath: In case you have not already found these Goggle search the following: Premier Ship Models Scale Reproductions LLC SD Model Makers Nice boat, even up side down or as you say Down Under. Cheers and Happy Boating. Alan
  9. Hi RSUMRTOY2: The Honda has always performed well and the best part about the Honda, it's paid for, the issue though remains, potential hazard to my wife, others and myself. As stated earlier, if the unit I am looking at will work, I believe the pros will out way the cons even considering the cost. I was hoping to have found someone who may have installed one in a cruiser same size as mine. For know I will continue my do diligence with this task or simply up grade to a larger boat with a built in gen. I appreciate your input. BTW, how's boating up north this time of year, sounds like you guy's have had a mild winter. Alan
  10. Hello Rip5: If I decide to go through with this, I will have a professional installer fit my boat. And beleive me, if I could get this done professionally for what you have stated $3,000.00, I would have it in the shop already. The Westerbeke 3.0 MVP new runs $6,000.00, plus all the electrical accessories which go with it not to mention installation. And yes, it would be worth it, I like my boat, size, fuel economy and being able to trailer it to other places in the state such as down south to the Key's. The only other option would be going larger which brings good and bad, although I may just be delaying the obvious moving into a larger boat with pre-installed generator. Thanks for the input and if I change I will post my results. Happy Boating Alan
  11. Hello RSUMRTOY2: Last out on hook over the week end I ran the Honda about 8 hours straight. And yes I strap it down off the swim platform with the exhaust pointing out. In all the times I have used the Honda I have had no issues at all, however, the last time out using it after anchoring and setting up the gen on the back and getting running, a fellow boater pulled up anchor and moved further from where we were at. He had no gen and I believe he simply moved away for their own peace of mind. If I make a decision regarding this I will post the results with pictures. Alan
  12. Hello Artemus: No my 250 CR is not pre-wired for a gen. I believe if I do such it will be performed by some one professional who is qualified to in stall a marine generators. Alan
  13. Hello Boat Enthusiasts: I have owned a 250 CR for over one year and enjoy the boat. My wife and I have spent several week ends over night on hook utilizing a portable generator (Honda EU2000) with out incidence. However I am becoming more concern for our safety and others around us also on hook. My question is has any one considered or completed such a task installing a proper marine generator on this size boat. I have been looking into the Westerbeke gasoline 3.0 BPMG 60 Hz at 165 lbs dry weight with a foot print of: 24-1/2"L x 13-1/2" W x 14-1/2" T. It appears this unit will fit on the port side with re-orienting the water tank. Would like to hear positive and / or negative responses regarding this consideration. Satisfied Monterey 250 CR Owner Alan
  14. Hello GetAway: I have seen the ones you are referring to and I am debating whether or not to go that route or put in a rode counter. I could kick my self for not installing two additional wires while installing the windlass wiring. Alan
  15. Hello J-Phil: Most likely the switch you are seeing is on the main electrical panel. The panel is standard and has a toggle switch breaker for A/C. You would know if you have an A/C it would be located under the starboard or port side V-berth seat. If you have an A/C you will see a control panel with arrows for up and down temperature control on it. When you purchased the boat did the advertisement indicate A/C? If so, you got one. Good luck. Alan
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