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  1. The dealership found the problem on my boat finally today. It was a bad wire connection on the engine to boat wiring harness connection. The purple wire to the ignition was intermittently opening up under vibration. They didn't find the problem until they started wiggling the harness with the boat running.
  2. I recently purchased a used 2014 Monterey 204 br with fsx package. On the first outing with the boat the engine started cutting off and coming back on. When this happens the rpm's go to zero the alarm sounds and motor picks right back up. The dealership I bought it from has had it a week. They don't have a diagnostic computer to test the boat. Has anyone had any similar issues with their boat? The Engine is the 4.3 v6 mpi mercruiser with a alpha one outdrive. This is a one owner boat that was originally sold by the dealership I bought it from.
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