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  1. Thanks for taking a look at my other posts. I'm having trouble finding answers to those questions.
  2. Thanks. Enjoying it so far. Did you see see my other posts on Air and Water temp gauge and Digital Fuel readings? I wonder if you have the same questions or issues.
  3. I have a new 218 SS and I'm wondering if anyone else is getting data from the air and water temp gauges that doesn't match outside sources of the same information. Both seem to be running about 10 degrees warmer than actual.
  4. I have a new 218 SS with a Volvo Penta 280 V6. I can't find anywhere in my manuals or online what the digital readouts for fuel are telling me. There are two - L and R. It appears that L is liters remaining the tank and that R is the rate of fuel consumption. Can anyone confirm if that's correct, and if so, is the R reading in liters per hour? Thanks.
  5. Hey all, New Monterey owner here. Bought our 218 SS in May so we have a couple months experience with her so far. I looked at boats for over a year (new and used) and decided that the value was there in the Monterey. I look forward to participating in this community of Monterey owners as part of my overall boating experience. Ron
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