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  1. Thanks for the responses, and that website Thornton is a great source to have, but unfortunately nothing matching what I need at the moment. Lots of other hardware on there that I recognize if and when the need arises. So I guess the search continues.
  2. I'm trying to locate a place to purchase the cabin swivel reading lights in my 282 cr. These are the lights each side of the mirror over the forward bed area. They are a can shape with the on off switch on the back that spins to activate the light. One of mine has broken at the swivel joint. I've seen photos where this style of light was used in many of the early 2000's cruisers. I've already tried scanning the internet with no luck. Does anyone on here know how to contact Monterey to see if these are still available? Or perhaps another source?
  3. Just recently found this site and I am looking forward to learning from other Monterey owners. I purchased a one owner 2001 282 cr in the spring of 2016 and couldn't be happier with this boat. 5.0 EFI with Bravo 3's. The previous owner kept it on a small fresh water lake in CT. I now keep it at another small lake in Western NY. Boat seems to have been babied its entire life with approximately 475 hrs on the clock when I made the purchase. I upgraded to this boat after owning a Crownline 225 CCR for about 7 years.
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