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  1. Update, I assume there is a sub pump for the shower drain. Does anyone have any idea where that sub pump is located on a 2002 Monterey 298 SS? I believe the pump in the box is not working. I cannot find it anywhere on my boat. Cap
  2. Hello all and thank each of you for helping with some of my problems. My getting to understand my new 2002 Monterey 298 with twin 350 MPI Mercruisers is a continuing process. I am hoping someone can help me one more time. The other day I went to flush the water tank and replace it with some clean water and a little bleach. I wanted to do this a couple of times to clean out the tank, hot water tank and the lines. When I got to the Head and ran the water into the sink it all backed up and came up through the shower drain. I tried taking off the cover to the drain and put the hose of a wet dry vac to suck out whatever was blocking it. No Luck. I did notice one thing. When the water in the sink finally drained it was not coming out of the side of the boat through a through hull. Where is it going??? How can this be fixed? I notice on the sink in the helm area it drains through a side through hull. Can someone tell me where the water from the Head should be coming out? Anyone ever have this problem and how did you fix it. Thank you all.
  3. Thank you. I did it. The guy before me connected two pumps on one breaker. The add on pump was the one tripping the breaker. I kept the original one in place and completely rewired the second one to a second switch at the helm. Now I am good to go. Thank you for your help.
  4. Good Morning All, I recently bought a Monterey. Couple of issues. First the Bilge Pump keeps tripping the circuit breaker located in the engine compartment. Does anyone have any suggestions? I own a Monterey 298 Bowrider with twin 350 Mercurisers. The wiring from the two bilge pumps seem intact and the bilge pump that is in the front of the engines is brand new. The one in the back may be the issue. It is also near impossible to get at due to very little room. The circuit breaker only trips with the bilge switch turned on and it trips after about 5 or 6 seconds. Suggestions? Second issue is the fresh water pump. I noticed just yesterday that too is tripping the circuit breaker which is located in the small bunk compartment on the port side. My wife needed the fresh water pump turned on and I finally located it. Turned it on and within seconds it turned off. This one you don't even need to turn on the pump. It just trips after 5 or 6 seconds. Suggestions?
  5. Hello, I need to know where I can get a small 2 - 4 oz of Pacific Blue Ash gel coat for some repairs of deep scratches on a boat I just bought. I cannot find anything less than a quart. Does anyone know? Thank you in advance for your help. I tried to go to spectrum but it will not let me order the smaller amount. Only thing I can get is a gallon. Coach Cap
  6. Good Morning, I am new to this forum and a new owner of a Monterey. It is my second Monterey. I have owned several World Cats since my last Monterey. The boat I just bought is a 2002 Monterey 29 foot bowrider. Great boat in awesome condition. Here is my Question. This boat comes with twin 5.7 Mercruisers and is pretty fast. It also has the duel exhaust system (loud and quiet). 99.9% of my boating would be in the quiet mode. Is there any limitations to speed you can go in quiet mode. This is the first boat with this system I have owned and any help on the quiet mode system is greatly appreciated.
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