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  1. I recently bought a new 2018 Monterey M6. After the initial cold start of the boat each day we get a black film coming our of lower unit. We assume it is from the exhaust. It only happens on the first start, or cold start of the day and looks like clumpy carbon residue (picture attached). Has anyone experienced this with their Monterey and does anyone have information on how to stop it. I have no alerts, alarms or service engine alerts so I am not sure if there could be an issue. The boat is performing well. It does create a film that stains the boat under the swim platform. Id love to get this to stop. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks. Ken cold_start_film.pdf
  2. i just bought a 2018 M6 complete with the factory installed tower and speakers. I am looking for a wakeboard rack that will mount appropriately on this tower. Does anyone have any information to help me find the right products and mounts?
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