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  1. MOST need help in figuring out how to get to the fuel gauge sending unit for the port fuel tank on my 2005 322. What do I need to remove to get access? Thanks. I believe the anti syphon valve is also located on top of the fuel tank, correct? Thanks.
  2. I own a 2005 322 Cruiser. Recently several of my gauges have started to act erratic. When the throttle is advanced one of the engines will show about a 1000 RMPs less and fluctuate. however it is clear that the engines are running even. If you tap the dashboard they will sync. Similarity fuel gauges indicate intermittently, the trim tab indicators only work intermittently also. Has anyone else seen a similar issue. I am wondering if there is a common ground for these indicators that may be loose under the panel. Any ideas? Thanks.
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