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  1. I just bought my first boat last week - an '07 180 FS, and I love it. I want to protect it, too. It unfortunately has to be stored in an outdoor lot and I'd like to get a full cover (not mooring) on it to protect it (and the gelcoat) from the sun/elements. I've been on Iboats.com and Overton's and it seems to be tough to find a proper fit - Iboats had about 5 different 180FS B/R categories, and several year groups, some including 2007, others not. MOST, can you tell me if the body style of the '07 is different from the '05/'06? As far as Overton's, they didn't even have an option for an '07 180FS. Furthermore, assuming I actually find a custom cover for my boat, if I put a swim platform on it (I'd really like to) would that change the cover? Again on both sites there was no "swim platform" option. Sunbrella is nice but spendy, looking at Sharkskin - if I can find the correct cover to fit right. Any suggestions would be great. Help a rookie out, please! By the way, I got it in the water this past Sunday. My wife and kids love it. Life is very, very good.
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