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  1. Hey everyone! First off, I hope everyone is as excited as me that boating season is right around the corner! Secondly, I need a little help if anyone knows the answer to my question or has any ideas. I am getting ready to change my factory sound system and i am having a problem finding the factory Amplifier for the subwoofer, tower speakers and the bow speakers. The factory system is all Wet Sounds with the Fusion control system. I have looked behind the helm where all the other electrical equipment is ran to, under the helm seat and behind the audio equipment in the cabin. I have yet to find these factory amplifiers and was wondering if anyone had any idea where Monterey's factory location is at. Ive searched the internet for countless hours, checked the manual and even called Monterey. As you can probably assume, none of those worked Thanks in advance for the help and i hope everyone has an amazing time this year out on the water! Best, Rick Hale #HaleYeah
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