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  1. There are two bilge pumps in cabin floor with shower sump. Cant get them to come on even if i turn float manually. Seems that both not working it is a power issue. Nothing on DC panel for them. Any ideas where to look for their power supply ? also the sump pump does come on if i run water in it.
  2. I have same problem with 2000 276 rocker switches icons worn off dont know what switch runs what. Tried to get a pic of someones panel that is readable then i can mark them or get new. But no one seems to have a interest in posting a pic of theirs. Good luck
  3. My rocker switches are faded and un readable. Anyone have a 276 with readable switches ? Would appreciate a pic of your panel and i then can buy new switch covers. Thanks
  4. Have a 276 without windlass there are two 10 or 8 gauge wires red and black in anchor locker which i assume are pre ran for a later install of windlass. does anyone know where other end of these wires come out at ? i am trying to utilize these for power to a searchlight i have installed, as not to have to fish new wires. Thanks in advance.
  5. Magda if you need a clearer pic let me know my panel is the same and in a little better shape. But would like to replace mine too some day.
  6. Cant find info anywhere, is hull cored or solid ? Installed air-mar in hull transducer and not reading depth.
  7. Solved Thanks anyway
  8. Any one have the wiring diagram for the blower circuit for engine room? blower switch in cabin was bad i replaced it and it started popping circuit breaker, removed new switch and breaker did not trip anymore. Thanks
  9. What is the push pull electrical switch mounted on the cabinet in head next to toilet paper holder? I have pulled and pushed back in and i hear or see nothing coming on. Thanks
  10. Just bought the 276 needing a bunch if minor thing replaced and or repaired. 1.Blower switch at helm works but blower switch at electrical panel in cabin the bat handle was broken off so i replaced it and when i tried to turn on blower from there it does not work. Any help is appreciated. 2. where can i buy the white plastic thru hulls used to vent i believe fuel tank and waste tank on starboard side and one on port side to vent fresh water tank, cant seem to find that size anywhere. 3. the bow hook is loose the nuts backed off how do you access it from inside to tighten. Thanks
  11. My bow eye is loose on inside like the nut backed off. How the heck do you access it to tighten. Thanks
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