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  1. Is this still possible? edit: nevermind, I called a couple dealers and they're all saying it's no longer available.
  2. Hi all, I just picked up a 1994 265. I found the 2004 Owners Manual here in the forum, but I was hoping to get a hold of the 93-94 owners manual. I spent a couple weeks digging around with Google and wasn't able to find it. Any chance anyone has a copy handy?
  3. Hey everyone, I didn't see a dedicated thread to this, but I figured I'd introduce myself. We just closed on a '94 Monterey 265. We're in the SF Bay Area. First time owners, though I've been around and driven boats for years in my teens. Given the waters we'll be in (SF Bay & NorCal delta) and what we'll be doing with it (cruising, just moored and studying/working) I thought a 25ft+ would be a good first start, offering additional convenience over a bowrider and better able to handle the chop. Anyway, good to meet you all! I've been doing some research over the last few weeks and it doesn't look like the '94 265 was a hugely popular model. Even finding the exact manual has proven troublesome. I'm sure we'll learn a lot from this forum! Cheers
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