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  1. I have a 2006 263EX with a flush head. Both the intake and discharge hoses are cracked (cut) where they go though the fiberglass pan for the head area. The shower pan with the sink is all one piece and looks like it is installed after the rest of boat. The waste tank seems to be under the pan somewhere. It is possible to remove the pan now to get to the black tank? It looks like I have to take off all the headliner of the head area. Anyone had this done?
  2. Your boat is not too different then my 263EX so it might be the same. In the bottom of the ski stoarge in the middle of the deck there is another small door that you can access the bilge. In there is a shower sump. Google 'atwood shower sump' and you will see what it looks like. You can take it apart and replace the pump inside it that is was is not working. I just did mine. Original pump was $41.
  3. Well that's true but if you don't know how to fix things then Knowledge is power.
  4. Sounds like you will need a the whole new Teleflex cable. They are only around $110- 150 and can be replaced fairly easy if you are mechanical. If not a boat repair shop shouldn't be horrible in price.
  5. That sounds a lot better than replacing the whole panel.
  6. Are you saying it has play while the motor is off and it's on the trailer or you have play while running the motor in the water? Where are you measuring the 3 inches? In steering wheel or at the outdrive. If it has power steering there may be in that unit or it may be in the teleflex cable.
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