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  1. The locking hinge on the head compartment broke on my 2001 Monterey 240 deck boak. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? I'd rather use a stainless steel version rather than the original plastic. Thanks!
  2. I had a plaform installed for my 2001 Explorer 240 from swimplatforms.com last year. Looks great! I had it shipped directly to the marina where it was installed. They didn't have a template on file, so I had to make one for them. No extra transom reinforcement was needed since the boat was designed with platforms in mind. Monterey stopped making platforms for my boat a couple of years ago. They recommended swimplatforms.com. I removed my extra platform ladder and ebayed it for $65. One thing to consider if you potentially will be adding power trim tabs: give enough room for the trim tabs when attaching the platform support rods.
  3. My 2001 Explorer 240 experiances prop cavitation during sharp turns. Hasn't been a problem until I got a towable water toy. Anyone have a solution? Whale-tail, new prop?
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