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  1. I bought a 322 from auction 3 years ago and repowered the twin 7.4gispwtr motors. All new sensssors, harnesses, fuel rail, in jectors. Manifolds, alternators starters, distributors water pumps, coolers. The works. Engine run great however for 3 years the sb engine has been sshutting down after 20 minutes on plane. I mean complete loss of power from 2-3000rpms ,to off. I have gone through the electrical recently changing coil and coil to distributor while that looked damaged. The boat will run all day long at putt putt spead around the bay at 1500 rpms. It onky occurrs when im running up on plane which is 3000 rpms. Once up on plane i canback down to 2000 rpms and keep it planing, but again after 15 mins it will shut off. I ordered a new alternator thinking this may be my problem. My gages show a full 13-14 amps but im at my witts end on the proble.. even after it shuts down i can restart and go back to putt putt speed for the rest of the day. It seems to me it has something to do with planning and it only effects the sb motor. I dont use my trims because they are not working and the trim sensors are also busted. Is there a connection between the trim sensors and the motor? Again it only effects the sb motor. And it is like a kill switch effect. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Claimsresource@gmail.com
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