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  1. My 98 276 with twin 4.3's Port motor runs around 140 all the time, going slow or at speed. Starboard motor gets hot when running slow , around 200, cools down at speed. I put a new 160 thermostat in it and it still get's hot. Impeller in the raw water pump is good. Any Ideas as to why or a fix? Thinking about just taking the thermostat out and see how it does, pro's and Con's Thanks for the input
  2. Picked up this old girl last Friday and have been cleaning her up, twin 4.3's. The only issue that concerns me at the moment is the starboard motor runs a little hot when going slow. It cools down at speed, Raw water pump is good, Putting a new thermostat in it. Any input regarding issues on this model is welcome. Been wanting something like this for a long time. I already have a 1991 206 SCR that I've owned for more that 20years. PS: Don't know why the pic showed up 3 times
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