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  1. Hello all, I am in need of some advice for my 2007 214 FS - 5.0 Mercruiser. My service mechanic noticed a decent crack in the gel coat at the back of the boat on the port side that looks like it had become worse over time. I have it at a body shop right now. It appears the crack created a chip that went through to the fiberglass and that possibly that was an entry point for water into the hull. The boat definitely has a lean to that side - port. One of the technicians at the body shop told me there was no way to get the water or foam out of the hull and have it replaced. He said that they would put lead on the other side to counterbalance it. I cannot tell if he was joking or not and I am waiting on the owner to come back from vacation before proceeding. I have tried my best to find how these problems are solved on YouTube and the internet, but have come up short for this problem with bow riders. I am concerned with getting the boat back to proper buoyancy. Please give me some advice and I can answer more questions as needed.
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