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  1. I've got a 2012 M3 (24'). The actuator arm that lifts the engine hatch failed. We replaced it with a new one (sourced through local Monterey dealer). The replacement was easy, just needed to remove the two pins holding it in. The new part wasn't cheap ($500), but boats aren't, right ?
  2. My 24' M3 (2012 with 350 Mag I/O) is very noisy too. Way louder than outboards. I'd love a suggestion on that too.
  3. [I have an 2012 Monterey M3 (24') with Inboard/outboard engine]: First i'd identify where the beeping is coming from? (depth finder? or from helm itself ). If the later, check the manual. Unfortunately there are numerous errors in your boat/engine that'll cause an intermittent alarm. It's time to have a tech/mechanic plug a reader in and try to get an error code. If the alarm is constant, do NOT use the boat. See the possible problems for that in manual, but DEFINITELY get to the bottom of that issue. [make sure right amount of oil in engine, and in the transmission/crank case reservoir if I/O engine]
  4. I don't know much, but I'd pay a tech or mechanic to plug in a code reader and see what it says. (I assume when u say 'oil is normal', you also checked transmission/crank case oil, and that level is good too).
  5. BLytle, I spoke to a mechanic or parts dept guy at Monterey last month to ask about my engine hatch not opening (no motor sound either), and he said the usual cause was the safety switch - which is activated by having the rear gate closed (on my M3) - has gone bad. We ordered a new one through local Monterey dealer and replaced it (which was easy/straightforward). That did not fix the problem though, and we went further, and used a battery tester on power lead to motor. (and checked ground lead). All worked fine, so then we knew motor was dead. I ordered (and received new one from local dealer (who got it from Monterey HQ in Fl), but that did not fix problem (it's weird though, cause now that actuator will lift the hatch, but won't let it down). In mean time, manually lift hatch (though its ~50-70 lbs) to check fluids. [i think my next step will be to replace the switch at the helm, and hope that it's just a bad contact on that (though that'd be weird since the motor had burned out too... at same time ?!)
  6. I have a Monterey M3; for that boat i followed the directions in the manual, which involved opening an access panel in the stern (in the ski /equipment 'locker'), then reaching all the way in and pulling the safety pin out. Once you've done that -and gotten the help of strong 2nd person, manually lift up the hatch by grabbing under the seats, arm rail or whatever you can grab. I have a 2"x4" standing by to prop underneath (pre-cut to 5')
  7. Joe 275 SS - On my Monterey M3 (24') there's a rear storage compartment (for skis, etc), that has a mini-access panel that provides access to the rear of the engine compartment. If you reach through that hole, and put your arm over the exhaust tube(?), you can remove a pin. Then, with help of 2nd guy, manually raise the hatch (we had a 6' 2"x4" lumber to support hatch once opened). Once open you can check your fluids, etc. Also, a pin holds in place the actuator (and its small motor), so you can remove that easily. Unfortunately, our actuator model is no longer produced, so we're in search of new (used) one.
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