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  1. So I found a suitable solution. Screw In Plunger Latch with Stainless Steel Cover | Boat Outfitters It is not a 100% direct fit as the hole diameter in the boat is a 1/16" to small but just a few minutes with a Dremel and sanding wheel enlarged the hole for a great fit. Get the 22 lb hold version as it matches the OEM screw hole pattern.
  2. Has anyone had any luck finding replacement rubber seat "pucks"? Ours have softened and I can not get Monterey to reply to e-mails. I did find an old thread on I.boats that referenced an Eberhard Part #776. Found those but they do not have the flange that extends past the main body to seat on the edge of the hole in the fiberglass under the seats.
  3. Hello, The Tach based information system for our boat seems to be fairly accurate in comparison with the analog gauges except for the water temp. I am pretty sure the water temp in the lake is not 179 degrees Fahrenheit. I mean we are in the south but that is a bit much. Anyone have insight? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, Did you ever come up with the solution? We just bought a 2013 288SS and some of the rivited snaps are loose. I was hoping someone had done this and could advise.
  5. Hello All, First time posting. We just bought a beautiful 2013 288SS and are head over heels happy with her. We have a few items to address and one of them is the dome cover for the anchor light that is on top of the ski pod on top of the arch is missing. The bulb is there and it works. I e-mailed Monterey direct but so far no answer. Has anyone had to replace theirs? I am guessing it was a common part to the SS series in the 2010s so it should be the same for 268s, 258s, 298s etc. Thanks in advance.
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