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  1. Hi, I have encountered the same problem with my 282. I changed my props out for ones with a larger pitch and it was like a different boat. You may want to check out some different props prior to changing engines out. For specifics you can email me at paullav@adelphia.com. Paul
  2. Thank you for the replies. Well, I have completed the project. A paddle bit would not work, so I used a 3/4" hole saw and it worked fine. I had to clean it out several times during the drilling process. I then coated the hole with epoxy and let it dry. I then ran the cable and filled the hole with marine silicone then places a SS clam shell over the hole and filled it again with marine sil

  3. I have purchased a transom mount depth finder instead of replacing the factory installed, very hard to get to, through hull transducer that is under my port engine. The instructions on my new depth finder say to drill a 5/8 inch hole through the transom due to the large connector that plugs the transducer into the gauge even though the cable is only about 1/4 inch. Has anyone used a paddle bit to drill through the transom and if so, did it work ok ? Any suggestions as to the drilling and installation will be appreciated. Paul
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