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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I want to buy a Monterey 214 Fs, from 2009. It comes with the Mercruiser 5.0 MPI (260 HP) with the Bravo 3 drive. Does anyone have any personal experience with this boat, most common problems, how it performs... Basically if you recommend it or not. I also would like to do some wakeboarding, do you think it's going to be possible to do it with that specific engine? Thank you all!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 2005 Monterey 214 FS.Merc 4.3L 220 HP. My issue is that my boat list (leans) to PORT while docked. It's approximately 2-3 inches lower in the water on PORT vs STARBOARD. The water line is above the bottom paint on the PORT side. I am trying to determine if this is normal or something else that might be causing it? Here is some additional information: The Gas Tank is 3/4 full, approx 45 gallons (thats around 250lbs extra weight I believe). My understanding is that the gas tank is centered on the boat, so it would be odd if this was the issue. There is no water in the bilge and no other visible water in the hull/hatches etc I washed the boat hatches (the two front bow storage lockers) thoroughly the other day. I also watched the ski locker. I ASSUME this water drains to the bilge? Could the water be trapped? The battery is on PORT, maybe this is the cause? The I/O isn't touching the ground nor am I hitting bottom Does anyone here have a 214 FS and have the same issue? Any other thoughts or information would be helpful. I attached a picture below. If you zoom in you can see the bottom paint and the water line. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi, I have a Monterey 214 FSC year 2007, unfortunately 2 of the cushions of the backseats got some little holes and scratches during the years. Is there any chance to get the original vinyl? Thank you, Klaus
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