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My Monterey

262CR macerator inop

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I have just sold my 2000 262CR to be replaced with (hopefully) a 2005 322CR. Just yesterday, I discovered that the macerator no longer works properly.


I was going to pump out the holding tank (after going to an appropriate location of course) but there is just a trickle coming from the macerator exit vent. The macerator runs - well at least it sounds normal - and the tank is about 3/4 full so there is certainly "stuff" to pump out.


The lever that selects between macerator and deck pump out is in the same position it has always been. I have never used the vacuum pump out because I have no such facility nearby.


Is the macerator pump shot? Broken impeller? I have never let it run dry.


Replacing the macerator is not a task I look forward to. :( I may just tell the buyer of the boat that it isn't working and give him a discount.

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