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My Monterey
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Aussie Heath

NAVMAN GPS/Sonar problem

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Hi All


My Navman 8084 is playing up.

The Sonar/Fish Finder/Depth sounder doesn't seem to be working properly.

The colours look to be inverted, the depth indication is intermittent and unreliable and it doesn't map the bottom at all.

I haven't had the boat for very long and have never seen it working.

The boat isn't antifowled so the transducer hasn't been painted over.


I understand that this is a much maligned unit most of my enquiries with technicians have resulted in "its not worth repairing, just replace it!"

The GPS/plotter and the engine interface work really well so I don't want to simply bin it!


Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated (except for "just bin it!")


There is a photo of the screen in action if any one is interested.




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Hi all,

After much faffing around with this problem, it was a dead transducer.

it seems during transport on the truck a support block was positioned under the transducer. Oddly enough the transducer wasn't built to hold the weight of the boat.........

So in future if a technician says "just bin it" have another look, you might just find the problem with a bit of amateur troubleshooting.




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