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My Monterey

Looking at 318 SSX This Sat March 15th - what should I be aware of when inspecting?

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I can't sea trial the boat (its still frozen up north), it has about 100hrs on it and so far from marine survey & mechanic it checks out perfect and looks like it should for a 100hr fresh water boat. I am flying up to see it for a couple hours on Saturday and then back to Miami where I plan to bring it down for lots of fun. Specs are


2008 318 SSX


6.2L Mercruiser 320hp



The mercs 6.2L from what I can find are a very strong solid engine for all around performance. Boat looks great. Anything from the Monterey owners I should be aware of before I pull the trigger? Everything on this boat comes back perfect from a really good detailed marine survey to the mechanic pulling the PCM engine run rpm range history and codes.


I sold my 2003 SeaRay 240 Sundeck to upgrade bowrider to twin engines as I want to take it to bimini and elsewhere as I quickly out grew my fun 240 and also wanted the smoother ride of a bigger boat plus just a tad faster with captains exhaust is something I just could not pass up :-)





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Rob - sounds like a great boat - who completed the survey? Was it a surveyor you selected or someone selected by the dealer? If it's an independent review of the boat sounds like you have found a great gem.

What was included in the mechanical survey? Comprehension check - leak down - drives? I've been on several 318 boats - what a great boat.


Let us know how your Saturday appointment went. Good luck.


Keep us posted.

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Sorry for the delayed response. I was looking for my post in another forum section and did not sign up for the response notifications.


Yes, I am happy to say I did buy the boat :) Just signed the final papers today. Shipper is picking it up next week and it should be down here April 26/27.


Marine survey was a guy I hired and he did a really good job. I had used a marine survey's twice before on other prospective boats but none were as professional and detailed as this. What really sucks is the other guys charged more too.


I financed part of the boat through Essex Credit. I saw some bad comments about them but for me the experience has been great. They gave me a rate in the very low 4's% and have been very timely, respond same day to emails, professional, etc.


I am adding a few safety items such as EPIRB (sp?), maintenance, underwater lighting, etc.


I am for some reason not able to copy & paste the link but through google "2008 Monterey 318 SSX" and you will find one listed there in Detroit, MI. Gregory Marine has been excellent to deal with also.


The boat looked like a boat with 100hrs should. A few very minor items, but literally overall looking brand new. Its completely untouched (a virgin boat) where it was not hacked up with after market parts, switches, etc.


Plan now is for me another boating friend to take it out and go through all the bells & whistles as there is a LOT more switches/gauges/etc to learn about compared to the last boat. Then the following weekend the party will begin !!!! and we can see how fast this baby will go. From test reports with twin 300's on the cabin style cruiser that is 500lbs heavier it had top speed of 55mph. This with twin 320's & 500lbs lighter I am hoping for 60mph and can't wait to open up the captain's choice exhaust to let it roar !!!!

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