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  1. Does anyone have the brand and part number for the keyed ignition switches? Has anyone replaced there switches any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  2. I currently have Standard Mercruiser controls on a 2004 298SS, I'm looking at a new boat, 2007 298SS same size but this boat has gaffrig controls. Does anyone have experience with both? It looks more difficult to dock and work in forward and reverse. the throttle look like they get in the way of the forward/reverse. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. I went to West Marine, they had bungee tie down cord by the foot (in the sail rigging area). It was inexpensive, brought it home cut to length, tied a know, heated ends. Works perfect. Jim
  4. Does anyone know the manufacturing totals of each year. I can barely find any 2007-2010's for sale.
  5. What was the last year for the models above. When did the 328ss start? Thanks. Jim
  6. Mine do the same, I don't see any adjustment. They are only marginally useful. Jim
  7. Do you have a picture of the install? Is this a DIY project? Thanks Jim
  8. How can I tell what gearing I have in my Bravo 3's Thanks Jim
  9. What stock props would come from the factory when the boat was purchased new in my area (Long Island, NY)? Thanks Jim
  10. Thank you for the reply. The speed was from a GPS, I had a survey done on the boat when I purchased it recently, he had diagnostic software hooked up to the engines, at full throttle the tachs indicated 4,400 RPMs and the software showed 4,400 on one motor and 4,410 on the other. I guess I have to find a tech to try and figure the prop situation out. Jim
  11. Thanks Sunrise! Do you know what props you have on the boat?
  12. MOST, Page 1 shows 350 MAG 300 HP motors, page 2 shows 320hp under Boat Specifications and 300hp under Engine specifications. Do you know which one is correct? Jim
  13. The document shows 28P props, my survey shows 24P props, could that be causing the lack of RPM's? Jim
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