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  1. MOST or others, I have a 2006 298 ss. Original owner put in a ray marine radar and cut the instrumentation panel to make it fit. I would like to replace this with a new instrumentation panel and a simple gps. Do you have suggestions/part numbers? Thanks.
  2. I have an ss. There is an access spot under the rear seat where you could fit jumper cables through?
  3. The plastic inside my cockpit sink was damaged (some put something in the sink they shouldn't have)? Do you have a replacement part number for a 2006 298 ss? Any way to upgrade to stainless?
  4. My docking lights reflect off the anchor. Is there any way to adjust the lights so that they shine wide of the anchor?
  5. I need to replace a windshield latch on my 298ss and was wondering whether the dual windshield latch found on the new Monterey 328 ss would fit. I like both moving at once. Thanks.
  6. I found a spot to install the table. You need to put the pole in the aft starboard part of the boat AND you need a pole that bends at a 90 degree angle to support the table (this allows for the pole to be pretty much out of the way of people sitting). Watch placement so that you can open the rear seat for access to the cooler.
  7. Can't remember how much, but you can call or e-mail nuteak and they will give you an idea. I had someone install is for me. I think around $1,300 (including the big step into the boat and the fender holders). Keep in mind that it does get hot in the bright sun. There is a good article in practical sailor that compares the various brands.
  8. My marina service lost some of the hardware from my 2006 298 ss. Most can you help with part #'s and where to get replacements to the following: 1. Wind door (between cockpit and bow) locking mechanism in the middle of the door. 2. Wind door mounting hardare to fix to the boat. 3. Inside Latch( or catch) for the door to the battery switches and breakers (located in the port/stern part of the cockpit). 4. Also, what are the snaps/sizes/types on the cockpit cover and bimini? Thanks.
  9. I have a 2006 and had Nuteak make a swim platform. They have the template for the swim platform for sure.
  10. Will the stock windlass on the 2006 298 ss handle a 22lb anchor?
  11. I have a 2006 Monterey 298 ss. On the rear port side (right about where the sling sign is) there is are three stainless steel openings (top to bottom). The top opening appears to be a vent. I'm not sure what the next opening is. I was stopped by a Lake patrol that asked me to close up the vent if this is related to the sink. Can you let me know what this is?
  12. I have a 2006 298 ss I purchased last summer. This is a great day boat. I purchased this in long island, NY and drove it to the hudson river and then up to Albany. It handled great in the ocean (decent sized waves) and cruised the hudson in no time (twin volvo 320's). I dock the boat in Lake George where the waves can get a bit high when the wind kicks up, but I had zero trouble with the waves (people on the bow had to get used to relaxing when a big wave came. they were used to our old 5k pound 27' Regal which bounced around a bit. This boat is 8k + pounds and handles the waves easily). Perfect for a big lake. The boat can sit 8 people very comfortably and the aft cabin allows for tons of storage and can sleep two for weekend trips. The only issues I have had are small ones: 1) no table (adding one this winter), 2) Some moisture seems to get stuck in the aft cabin rug towards the back (looking at replacing rug with synthetic wood or snap in carpet), 3) the bow cover is taking on water because it is not a tight fit (fixing), and 4) the step down bathroom is a steep step (I added a step so my mom could get in and out). I looked at the Regal and Formula big bow riders, but I just could not see the value as compared to monterey - and no aft cabin. Good luck.
  13. I would like to replace my existing carpet (floor) in my 2006 298 ss with a synthetic wood floor. Is this something I can order from Monterey. Has anyone else done any research? How about a synthetic wood covering for the swim platform?
  14. Any suggestions on how/where to get a camper extension for a 2006 298ss? I am looking for something (in black) that can work well with the existing radar arch/bimini.
  15. Has anyone figured out how to add a small cockpit table in front of the back seat on a 298 ss. Ideally, I would like to avoid drilling/cutting and just use the existing hole where there is a latch to open and close/lock the storage under the drivers side. The only problem with replacing the latch is that a simple table base won't keep the storage area locked down. Any thoughts?
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