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Volvo IPS Drive or Mercruiser Axius

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I don't have hands on experience with either system. However, I will say that I prefer Volvo equipment over mercruiser. I have a lot of experience with Merc I/O applications since they pretty much dominate the market. Having researched the two systems you are looking at, I'd steer toward the merc setup for one major reason. The major difference between the two is the prop setup, push vs pull. Pull like the volvo is more efficient, however the BIG drawback for me is that the props lead the housing on the volvo and any debri that is floating in the water will inpact the props. Whereas, with the merc setup, any debri will first hit the housing and THEN MAYBE hit the props. The odds of debri taking out a prop on the volvo is MUCH greater than with the merc setup. For this reason alone, I'd go with the merc. And this is coming from a person that typically likes the engineering of the volvo better. Props are not cheap and a wrecked prop can ruin your day and if the prop takes a good hit causing vibration, it may take out of pieces if you don't catch the problem early enough...



Good luck!

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