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Death of a 5.7 ????

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Morning everyone, I have a question for you since I did something 200% moronic yesterday, my Mercruiser 5.7 (2001) has been sitting for about year and a half,
decided is time to start her up again and get her ready and put in new batt, check my oil, poor some oil from the top, since my outdrive was removed I hooked a water hose with light pressure to the intake. I did not start the engine, but used the starter to rotate it a little at a time to lube everything up ( I know it should have been done by hand) well after a while, I decided to start the engine, it cranked and sounded fine, did not start but my guess is the fuel. Anyhow, after a few attempts a load clank noise came from the engine bay, did not start, tried once more and it sounds weird now. I left it alone to avoid further damage from an idiotic over exited owner (ME).

Well my question is: where should I start looking, for damage, I will get a marine mechanic ASAP, since I dont want to damage anything else, but if I wanted to get an idea, what would you recommend me to do for damage assesment?

Thanks in advance and let the flaming begin I know I messed up, I would kick my self if I could. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or flaming.

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