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2006 Monterey 290 CR Electric Fault / Battery replacement or Alternators?

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I am having an electrical issue w/ low batteries and have recently replaced the battery charger as this tested defective. I suspect the batteries have been damaged due to the lack of charging, however, want ensure there's nothing more serious.

I am currently experiencing the following:
1. Low voltage on both Port (12.4V) and Stb (12.5V) batteries when disconnected from shore power, 13.2V on generator battery - even after charging for a week.
2. Port & stb batteries are sufficient to start engines.
3. Electric Fault notifications on EVC on both engines immediately after starting engines. Not sufficient power to run any electronics consistently. GPS/Nav will flicker on, then re-start, etc. Some gauges not working at all (fuel guage, etc).

I was going to simply replace all 3 batteries - believing all these errors are due to insufficient battery conditions. However, shouldn't the alternators be powering all the electronics sufficiently when running motors (at least at full power)? Or do they still require sound batteries? Is there a way to test the alternators (I have Volvo Penta D3-160 Diesels).

I have run my Generator while underway - which keeps the electronics going for about 45 minutes, but then the Electric Fault notifications return and all electronics fail again.

Appreciate any input.

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Problem(s) solved. Port & stbd batteries replaced - would not hold a charge. Charger now functions as expected. And 2nd item was my issue - forgetting to hook up the hard wired electronics bundle after changing the battery charger, which resulted in the electronics issues (3) above. Whoops. Also confirmed that on this model/year boat, helm electronics run from 1 engine battery, cabin electronics run from the other engine battery. Generator battery is standalone. Including my embarrassing oversight in hopes that it will help someone else. smile.gif Thanks.

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