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:rolleyes: I just acquired a 1999 296cr with twin 4.3DP engines. I'm anxious to get in the water. But it needs a few repairs. I've been unable to find the specs on the boat. Any one having info would be greatly appreciated. How fast should I expect the boat to run with the twin 4.3 DP engines. What kind of experience did you have or heard of operating the boat?





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The specs on the 296 Cruiser are as follows:


LOA... 31' 6"

Hull length... 28' 10"

Beam... 10'

Bridge Clearance 7' 7" with arch...9' 4"

Draft Up...21" Draft down... 37"

Fuel Cap...140 gals.

Water Cap... 44 gals.

Waste Cap... 21 gals.

Dry weight...8000 lbs

Degree of Deadrise...19


As for speed of the boat, performance greatly depends on the condition and the maintenance history of the engines. Also, water, wind, current, load on the boat, fuel, props, outdrive gear ratios, altitude and operator experience all effect performance. Record the above information before your trips out to help you get a grasp on fuel consumption (for range). Get everything in good working order before you sea trial and then let us know what kind of numbers you are turning.

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