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  1. Super Sports Manual 328SS 328SSX.pdf
  2. 320-335-340-355 Wiring Diagrams.pdf
  3. CF_International 320, 335SY Owners Manual.pdf
  4. CF_320SY, 335SY Owners Manual.pdf
  5. Hi there durandjj, It is the industry standard 3/4" tapered shaft with key. Hope this helps!
  6. Hello Lehighalums, A swim platform railing was not offered as a factory option. I did "Google" it and there were many different styles to choose from!
  7. Hey There seanfitz, The 282 Cruiser is "Yacht Certified" by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) and the US Coast Guard. There should be a placard (made of metal) on the starboard side of the boat near the helm/throttle control that states "Yacht Certification". This means there is not a specific capacity limitation for the 282 Cruiser. However, it is the boat operators responsibility to maintain safe boating practices and use common sense when taking guests aboard. You do not want to hinder your boats ability to maneuver or safely take heavy wake/waves. The maximum capacity ratings for boats stems from a US Coast Guard research of boating accidents and was first implemented around 1972. The results of the study revealed that the leading cause of accidents in boats under 26 feet was overloading.
  8. Hi michgal2k, You can order the current cockpit carpet for the 214FS/224FS from any Monterey dealer. To find the one closest to you, please use our dealer locator at our home page www.montereyboats.com. The dealer can quote you price and installation cost. The color is (and has been) a neutral beige/gray mix called Pebble. Right now it is about 2 weeks out on delivery.
  9. The MOST


    Hello apadilla, 5000 feet plus is considered high altitude. If you are going from one altitude to another to go boating you will need to change out the prop (usually one pitch) to obtain optimum operation of the boat.
  10. Hi there wflynn, The 180 Edge beam is 7' 8" and the dry weight of the boat/engine is 2100 pounds. Keep in mind that weights are approximate, based on the average weight of 7 to 10 production boats. This information is also in the Owner's Manual in the Product Support Section of this forum. The 180 Edge is a great boat!
  11. Hello apadilla, The fuel capacity for the 180 Edge is 20 gallons.
  12. Hey there bgh, The stern cupholders were manufactured by Lavanture Plastics (800-570-6661 or www.lavanture.com) and the part number is 78-1RWO-SHALLOW DRINK HOLDER W/DRAIN1-1/2".
  13. Hi Jim, You can contact any Mercruiser dealer with your outdrive serial number/s and they can tell you the gear ratio.
  14. Hi There J-Phil, The 2004 265 Cruiser has a hull length of 26' 11". With the extended swim platform the total LOA is 29' 6". I hope this clears up your question!
  15. Hi Lesuk3, The "brace cooler lid support" (as it si called in our system) is Monterey part #85602000-00-BRCE and it is distributed by SPD Div of Barnes Group and their part # is STL-270. Contact info for them is 215-785-4466 (in Pennsylvania). I hope this helps!
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