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  1. Hey MOST, I have the same boat, with full camper canvas by TaylorMade. I need to get a new front plastic window for the starboard side, but all the TaylorMade tags are blank and don't list the part number for the top. Where else can I find that? Thanks!
  2. Hey Ralmond, I have the same boat, and also need to replace the sunpad. Have you had your done? What's the price range? Any info would help. Also, I have a canvas camper with clear windshields. I wanted to order a new window, as mine cracked, but the TaylorMade tags that should have the model number are all blank. Do you happen to have the same cover and maybe have the model numbers? Thanks!
  3. Help is needed, bottom part of drain that attaches to drain tube on cockpit sink on 2007 270 SC has broken off. It is black rigid plastic (or other type of material...not metal) Anyone have information on the brand/model or other info regarding the cockpit sink drain so that I can find a replacement part? Went to West Marine, and they appear to only carry parts for drains that are larger. The drain tube that the drain connects to is 5/8" or 3/4" flexible tubing, although I could replace that if necessary. Also, I'm in Colorado, so I don't have a bunch of boat parts places nearby, hopefully I can find this part online. Thanks!
  4. That's pretty much what I'm looking for. It appears my factory swim platform has 4 holes along the edge away from the swim ladder where the railing would probably mount. I'm in Denver, though, and apparently my closest dealer is in Salt Lake City (which is a ways away!), and I also don't really have much faith in finding a local fab shop that knows anything about boat railings. Anybody know how I can find out if the factory option swim platform railing is available from Monterey still? Thanks!
  5. Hi All, We were thinking that since the swim platform is the main entrance/exit to the boat, perhaps it would be smart (and safer) to have a type of railing going across the part that doesn't contain the ladder. We were also thinking this might be a handy place to mount a grill. Has anyone else done anything like this? We've done a couple different internet searches, but it looks to us like maybe it is something that would have to be custom built. We would prefer a non-custom and hopefully less expensive option, if anyone knows of one. Thanks!
  6. Well, thanks everyone for your responses. We found another boat in the meantime, which we ended up buying. It is a 2007 Monterey 270, and we're loving it. Looking forward to keeping up with the discussions here! Thanks!
  7. We have been looking at a 2003 265 and a 2005 270 Monterey Cruiser and wanted to see if anyone had input about if the one foot difference (same beam measurements) would make that big of a difference. We are not able to actually get into these boats as they are in other states than where we live. The 2003 265 is closer location wise and would be a little less expensive, but we like that the 2005 is two years newer especially in terms of engines, etc. Thoughts out there? Any other advice? Thanks in advance!
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